Monthly Archives: January, 1915

TGIM – 1/19/15

Mary and I are halfway through our Whole 30 experiment and some things are becoming more apparent as we go forward; -There is added sugar in most foods that come in a bag, box or jar!  I was surprised that I couldn’t even find beef jerky with out sugar!  Be careful with what you buy- by adding …

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TGIM – 1/12/15

I encourage people to constantly take steps to become a stronger version of yourself. This requires experimentation- experimenting with what you put in your body, your thought patterns, and how you move. Expecting your health profile to get better while maintaining the same daily habits not only won’t work, it’s also the definition of insanity. …

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TGIM – 1/5/15

It hardly seems like a new year. Back in the day the delineation seemed much greater than it does today, January 5th. Time is going by more quickly, and seems to be accelerating, making it harder to stop and reflect on the past year- let alone find the time to contemplate what lies ahead. Why …

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