TGIM – 1/5/15

It hardly seems like a new year. Back in the day the delineation seemed much greater than it does today, January 5th. Time is going by more quickly, and seems to be accelerating, making it harder to stop and reflect on the past year- let alone find the time to contemplate what lies ahead.

Why is this? I believe it has to do with a few factors;

-Busyness-everyone I know is doing more- more work, more activities, more commitments

-Sensory overload- the amount of information coming at us via computers, “smart” phones, and other screens makes it hard to determine what’s really important- like junk mail for the mind!

-The constant message we get of more, more, more is better. The old adage that he/she who dies with the most toys wins!

When you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, like I get sometimes, it’s important to go inside and think about what’s most important to YOU! Not your family or friends, not society, not what you’ve been told is important. What’s important to you? This may not be as easy as it seems- but once you determine your priorities you can begin to strip away unnecessary habits, actions, and thoughts.

Simplify your life and you will have more time to enjoy what you really enjoy!!!

Expect great things in 2015! Dr Matt

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