TGIM – 1/12/15

I encourage people to constantly take steps to become a stronger version of yourself. This requires experimentation- experimenting with what you put in your body, your thought patterns, and how you move. Expecting your health profile to get better while maintaining the same daily habits not only won’t work, it’s also the definition of insanity.

Since last Monday I have been following an eating program called Whole 30 ( which, as it’s name implies, focuses on consuming only whole foods. It’s amazing that after only 1 week I am feeling a significant difference! (The body is more powerful than you think!!! ). I notice not only physical difference but also mental changes (I can do this!) and increased energy levels. Experiment with different eating patterns and see how you feel!

I also challenged myself by doing a polar plunge on Saturday (19 degrees!). I admit I was nervous about it’s effect on me but once it was over I felt amazing physically and mentally- I am putting it on the Calender for next year.

There are many ways you can change up your routine and assess the effects on your life;

-Food- try the whole 30 program, try going without dairy or sugar (watch the hidden sugars), add healthy vegetable juices or smoothies into your regimen, give up alcohol for a while.

-Mind- go on a 30 day media fast (no news, newspaper, breaking computer feeds), read a book on a new subject, start a meditation practice.

-Movement- Mix it up! If you only do strength training try stretching more, start a walking program, try Yoga, try Zumba!

There are endless opportunities to either “tweak” our habits or totally transform the way we live our lives. If you are 100% satisfied with life you can disregard this call to action. If you are not, now is the time to experiment- it will change your life!! Please do not hesitate to reply to this email if you need help or guidance- it’s easier with a little support.

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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