TGIM – 1/19/15

Mary and I are halfway through our Whole 30 experiment and some things are becoming more apparent as we go forward;

-There is added sugar in most foods that come in a bag, box or jar!  I was surprised that I couldn’t even find beef jerky with out sugar!  Be careful with what you buy- by adding sugar to almost every product the food industry is causing addictions- some people say sugar is more addicting than cocaine!

-It is important to focus on your food choices.  Eating mostly whole foods takes more planning and more preparation time- but you feel more in control.  You also feel good about creating your own meal rather than getting it out of a box or bag.

-You realize how much packaging is used in a typical American diet.  My recycling has been cut by at least 75%.

-It’s amazing how quickly your body responds to a new regime.  After 2-3 days you begin to feel changes, sometimes after years of food abuse.

-It’s a lot cheaper to eat out when you’re not buying drinks!

-You can do anything for 30 days- 30 days is the time necessary to develop a new habit- it may seem daunting but it’s actually doable- if you set your mind to it.

I encourage to pick a part of your life and change your habits for 30 days- try the whole 30 or another way of eating, exercise for 30 days, shut off the “plug in drug” for 30 days, meditate or say an affirmation for a month- you get the idea.  It will challenge you, change you, and may well save your life!!!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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