While listening to a list of the top twenty things people worry about I was surprised that number one was getting old.  Not climate change, not GMO’s and the industrialization of our food supply, not nuclear proliferation, not any of the serious challenges facing our country and planet.

Why was I surprised?  Because I see hardly anyone taking steps to stay “young”.  While there are no guarantees most experts agree that life style choices can help the body and mind supple and youthful.  Taking action steps today can pay big dividends in the future.

There are three critical areas to focus on;

The way you think– do you focus on the abundant healing energy within your body?  Do you expect good things?  Do you learn to have faith in your bodies ability to deal with stress and get stronger over time.

The way you move- do you move enough?  Do you vary the way you move to incorporate all body parts and engage multiple muscle groups (think kids playing!)?  Do you stretch and change positions throughout the day?

The way you eat- Do you eat whole, energy rich foods?  Do you avoid processed, dead (extended shelf life) foods?  Do you listen to your body and pay attention to the signals it gives you?

Life is about becoming the strongest (mentally, physically, and emotionally) possible version of yourself.  Evolution towards this goal occurs by focusing on your wellness, experimenting with different approaches, and trusting the divine wisdom present in ourselves from conception till death.

Don’t just worry about getting old- approach it as the greatest challenge you will ever have- and the one with the greatest reward!!

Expect Health and graceful aging, Dr Matt

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  1. Lisa Bedini Olson

    Nice, Dr. Matt! Excited that your TGIM can be found here AND we now are able to comment and/or ask questions!

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