TGIM 2/2/2015

I love my snow shovel- it’s old, plastic, and very basic but it’s been with me through dozens of snow storms.  It seems as though the more I appreciate it the better it does it’s job.

Thinking about it I have always treated my belongings as integral parts of my life rather than just “stuff”.  My scooter, the cars I’ve driven, my clothes- I believed that if I gave them good thoughts, just like I do with people in my life, they would of course serve me well.

Recently I came across an article about Marie Kondo which further ingrained this belief in me.  She talks about how everything is inextricably connected and alive, even inanimate objects and how we should be respectful and compassionate to everything.  She also talks about holding your belongings to see if they bring you joy and using this as a criteria for what to keep and what to let go.

I used her method to cull out my clothes and it was a very powerful experience.  It allows you to think about your stuff in a more meaningful way and think about your relationship to it.  Try it- it may change your life!!!

Expect health, Dr Matt

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