TGIM 2/16/2015

Sitting is the new smoking- it will either kill you early or make the end of your life miserable.

It’s true- there is a new  epidemic that is getting a lot of attention.  It’s called “text neck” or “computer neck”.  Visually it consists of a forward head carry, forward rounded shoulders, and a general slouched posture.  It is caused by carrying heavy backpacks improperly, constantly slouching at a computer or “smart” phone, and a general lack of postural awareness.  When I observe people I see this epidemic- and it is definitely affecting people at a younger age then ever before!

Some common symptoms associated with this abnormal posture include; neck and shoulder pain, headaches, lack of energy, and even low back pain!  It also puts people at a greater risk of premature degeneration (arthritis) in the spine.

Fortunately with some effort you can usually correct “text” neck and restore your normal, healthy posture.  There are lots of simple postural exercises that will help retrain your muscles.  One of the best starting places is-  I posted a version of this exercise a few months ago and have been encouraging people to do it on a daily basis.  The ones who have been consistent have seen dramatic, rapid changes!  Please give it a try!!

Chiropractic adjustments help restore the proper motion to the spine which makes any exercises you do more effective.  Please respond to this post if you have any questions or want a postural evaluation!

Remember your mothers words- STAND UP STRAIGHT!!!  Dr Matt

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