TGIM 3/2/2015

While digging out from yet another snowstorm I was reflecting on my recent mini vacation to Mexico (hence no blog last week).  When on vacation I try to quiet my mind- no email, phone, little television or other media- I want to experience my new surroundings and take the time to slow down.

I did take an interesting book about the practice of Zen, which coincidentally stresses quieting the mind through meditation.  While it may have looked like I was sleeping on the beach I was actually meditating ;).

A few things that came to me as I was reading, being quiet, and thinking;

-Connecting with nature is very important.  Sure it was easy to be outside in Mexico but if you spend time outside everyday you will come to appreciate the abundance and magnificence of the world we inhabit.  This will help you appreciate the abundance and magnificence we have within us!

-Thoughts have the power we give them.  When we dwell on an idea it magnifies.  Thinking positive thoughts enhances our experience, negative emotions diminishes it.  I think of thoughts like a train pulling into a station.  We can choose to get aboard or we can choose to let it pull out and wait for the next one.  It’s YOUR choice.

-Relationships are more important than anything else.  Besides your relationship with yourself it’s the other people in your life who add the spice and flavor.  Our hotel in Mexico was not the best- at first we thought of changing but once we started interacting with the staff and other guests our whole outlook changed and we saw it was the right place for us!

Please check out Zen philosophy- you may find it interesting.  As Buddha said “There is no path to happiness, happiness is the path”

Expect Health and Happiness, Dr Matt

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