TGIM 3/9/2015

How do we go from being supremely flexible, incessantly curious about life, and able to almost instantly adapt to our environment as a young child to a “mature” being with all our doubts, fears, aches, and pains?

I recently attended a seminar called Original Strength- developed by two kettlebell instructors.  Their concept is to help people regain our inborn reflexive strength through resets of our movement patterns based on the template we developed as newborns.  The program utilizing three criteria;

-Engage in deep, diaphragmatic breathing

-Activate the Vestibular System (where your body is in space, balance)

-Use cross midline movements to develop coordination

I was drawn to this system because it’s simple, logical, and it works!  It makes sense to me that if we move more like a child, we will begin to think and act more child like.  It is my goal to continue to “get younger” as I age and movement is the key!

Please check out this tutorial on baby rocking-

Just doing this one reset may start you on the way!!! If you need additional information or want to discuss this please email me at or call me at 203-255-3800.

As Spring approaches act more like a kid- get outside, skip, dream, and marvel in the wonders around us!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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