TGIM 3/16/2015

One of the “life” lessons I learned from Gladiator, probably my all time favorite movie, comes when Maximus asks his man-servant; “Do you like your life”? His answer- “Most of the time I do what I have to, sometimes I get to do what I want”.

Life is like that. Most of us have lots of obligations (work, family, cooking, cleaning, etc.) and seemingly not enough time for what makes us really come alive. If we can embrace our obligations instead of dreading them it will open up our “me” time and help rejuvenate, restore, and energize us. It’s not easy but worth the effort.  A few strategies;

-Find your real passion- take the time to scan your experiences, pick the ones that are vital to your happiness, and prioritize them in your life.

-Cut back on your obligations.  Of course there are some that you can’t dismiss but you may find that many are created by ourselves.  We live in a culture of “busyness” where we do many things because we are “supposed” to.  Don’t buy into It!

-Embrace your remaining obligations. Whatever the task put your all into it and feel good about your effort rather than complaining.  You can find joy and fulfillment in the most mundane parts of your life.

With practice you can enhance the peak experiences (your passions) and also allow your obligations to also add value to day to day life.  As with all things- it’s your choice!!!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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  1. I completely agree, and struggle with this on a daily basis. Some of what brings me peace is finding joy in the moment, whether it’s doing dishes, taking a shower, walking the dog, or helping my clients. But still, the day rushes by and if I don’t plan for it, the things important to me don’t get done.

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