TGIM 4/6/2015

Some people say the American dream is over. That the opportunity to make a successful life in the US is more difficult then ever before in history. Yet people do it every day- across all economic strata, in all fields, and at every day. If we want to become the strongest possible version of ourselves it is important to look at people who have made the journey before us and learn from them.

One of my favorite role models has been Arnold Schwarzenegger- although I may not agree with his politics or all of his methods I can still gain inspiration from his story. Born in Austria, Arnold became the best body builder in the world, became a super successful actor, married into American royalty, and became Governor of California!! Was he lucky? No, he took control of his own life and created something special. Please watch this short video outlining Arnolds’ 6 rules for success- they apply to us all!!

Expect Health and expect to get better every day!!  Dr Matt


  1. What a powerful speech. I’m sharing this with my family and friends.

  2. Didn’t he use steroids? Hasn’t that use been cited as the cause of his heart problems? How is he now. BTW, I like Arnold, too.

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