TGIM 4/27/2015

The POWER of going barefoot!

For the last 5 plus years I have been weaning myself off of heavy, suffocating footwear and it’s made a huge difference in my overall mental, emotional and spiritual well being. It took some time, and was sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s become something I recommend to everyone.

Of course on the web it has a name- Earthing.  It means to walk barefoot on any natural surface- time to get off the sidewak and into nature!  It’s not just for hippies – “scientific” studies have been done that show some surprising health benefits.

Going barefoot can lead to better balance and greater lower limb strength by waking up the muscles and ligaments of the  foot.  This transfers up the posterior chain resulting in stronger knees, more flexible hips and eventually better posture.  Most people I see in the office have movement distortions in their feet and ankles which affect the whole body through compensations.

“Barefooting” not only has physical benefits but there is evidence it can have emotional and physiological benefits.  One study showed that going barefoot resulted in changed electrical activation, modified heart rate variability, reduced stress, and increased immune response.  Ancient philosophy talks about absorbing Chi (life force) through the feet causing increased vitality, more work capacity, and the ability to think more clearly.  All this without the cost of a gym membership or personal trainer!

If you are not as vital as you would like it may be that you’re disconnected from this marvelous planet we live on- reconnect by actually touching it!  As always reach out if you have any questions or comments.

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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