Monthly Archives: May, 2015

TGIM 05/18/2015

Mary and I are entering the phase of life where many of our “older” friends and relatives are passing or getting prepared to pass. This proximity to this stage of life can be difficult but it can also bring real insight to this journey called life.  One of the most powerful presentations about the insight …

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TGIM 05/11/15

Today TGIM stands for thank gods it’s mothers day!  As with most people my mom Elizabeth has had a primary impact on my development and life. We had a very un-Hallmark mothers day- no cards, a casual lunch out of the refrigerator, and very little stress or drama. On the drive back from Philly I …

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TGIM 5/4/2015

One of the central concepts of Chiropractic is the constant presence of an “innate intelligence” within us that protects the body and coordinates it’s functions to heal and maintain homeostasis or balance. This belief of a power within us is prevalent in many cultures.  Often it is called “Chi” and there are many ways to …

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