TGIM 06/01/2015

As a Chiropractor intensely concerned with human movement patterns and postural deviations, I am constantly observing other people as the live, work and play. Recently I have noticed a rapid increase in forward head carry, or text neck, in all ages.  While I used to consider it a middle aged, or older, phenomenon, I am now seeing it in younger and younger patients.

Text neck, which is described here, can have a severe impact on your health. It can lead to pain, loss of vitality, and emotional issues among others. It is a result of us constantly sitting, looking down at our “smart” phones, and spending too little time upright and moving.

Luckily there are some basic exercises and lifestyle changes that can help reverse text neck.  I have many practice members that are taking steps to reverse this unhealthy process. It takes awareness and consistency of proper posture- when sitting, standing, and being active. You can see one of the most basic exercises in this video.

If you know someone with text neck, or someone who is suffering from neck pain, headaches, or low energy please send them this blog post. As always I would be happy to give any friends or family members a free consultation to see if chiropractic can help them.

In Health, Dr Matt

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