TGIM 6/22/2015

Many, many, many people I know experience pain on a daily basis. Physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain, spiritual pain. We live in a demanding and stressful time and daily life puts many strains on our bodies, minds and spirits.

We must begin to look at pain as an opportunity.  An opportunity to change the way we think, the way we move, the way we live our life so that we can replace pain, fear, and doubt with positive emotions- faith, hope, love, and vitality.

We must remember that we are the most amazing creation on earth with unlimited power and ability to create what we want. The sooner we realize that everything (health, happiness, love) comes from within the sooner we can heal ourselves and our lives and have a greater impact on the world around us.

A few strategies I am working on are;

-When I trust, solutions arise effortlessly. Having faith in my bodies ability to heal itself, or my mind to find a solution to a problem, or my support system to help me allows the correct path to present itself.

-Letting go of the outcome. When we make a decision or take an action put your whole self into it. No matter how it turns out make the best of it and learn from it.

-Listen, not to others but to that “innate” voice inside you. Of course you can get advice or help from others but if you truly listen to the signals from your unique voice within it will always guide you!

It’s not always easy, but learning from pain and discomfort will help you grow into the strongest possible version of yourself- in all ways!!!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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