TGIM 7/13/2015

As I continue to find ways to become the strongest possible version of myself I am amazed at how the simplest concepts are often the most effective. I have been experimenting with functional exercise for some time- that is exercises that mimic movements that we use, or would like to use, in our activities of daily living.

It makes sense to me that if we move and perform everyday tasks like squatting, walking, and reaching more like a young person we will start functioning more like a young person. That means more energy, less pain, and more functionality. Move more throughout the day and you will begin to move better.

One of the exercises I have found very beneficial is one of the most basic. Getting down on the floor and back up to standing. It works on mobility, strength, and involves every joint in the body. Try getting down, lying on your back,  and getting up 15 times per day for a month and you will see a big difference. At first you may need assistance-  a chair, or a desk, but ideally you should be able to do it unassisted. It is also important that you y play around with different patterns- have fun with it!

The ability to get up from the floor with grace has been found to be a good indicator of how healthy we will be as we age. Check out this article and video that is eyeopening! This challenge is a simple, cost free step to better health!

Expect health, Dr Matt

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