TGIM 07/27/2015

Do you believe in Magic?

Mary recently had the opportunity to spend three days hiking on the Appalachian trail (AT) with her rugby teammate Buffy, who is currently doing the entire 2100 miles! Buffy has had a life changing experience- physically, mentally and emotionally and regaled us with lots of great stories.

Buffy related that some of her most powerful experiences involved magic- trail magic that is. All along the route there are good Samaritans- people willing to help thru hikers- with rides to town, a hot shower, and many other small gestures that seem like a god send.

Occasionally on the AT the hikers would come across trail magic. It could be a cooler full of ice cold water after a particularly difficult day. It could be a tree with candy bars hanging from it or a person cooking hotdogs in the middle of the trail! Buffy related that these bits of magic happened when she most needed it- when she was physically tired, emotionally spent, or doubting the purpose of life.

It got me thinking. Don’t we all need a little more trail magic in our lives? Sometimes small gestures, that we give and receive, can give us the strength needed to persist on this wonderful journey called life.  I believe it starts with giving- when we are generous to others, even in small ways, it changes their lives and ours too!

Let’s all strive to love, give and serve to others- it will make all of our journeys more magical!

Expect Magic in your life,  Dr Matt

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