TGIM 8/10/2015

Mary and I pay a lot of taxes, as do most other people I know. Real estate tax, gas tax, income tax, sales tax- the list is long. Our tax burden grows each year and it seems there is no end in sight.

That’s why an article about Bernie Sanders calling out the CEO’s of 18 major corporations for avoiding taxes struck a chord. While I am not sure about the complete accuracy of the numbers listed there are some things I know from experience;

-Many US companies have moved their headquaters to  foreign countries to avoid US taxes

-Many US companies have moved jobs overseas to save on operating costs

-Many companies pay much less in taxes as a percentage than the middle class

Our countries’ middle class is being squeezed more each day- less quality jobs, more tax burden, and less opportunity to achieve the American dream. I thank Bernie Sanders for bring this important topic to the publics’ attention and will follow it closely during election season. We must all pull together for the good of our great society.

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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