TGIM 8/24/2015

Most people that come into my office for care have foot issues. As we age our feet go from supple (think about a babys’ feet!) and strong to weak and restricted. This is further complicated by restrictive, heavy footwear that prevent our feet from responding to changes in the ground underneath. For years I had terrible foot problems- neuromas, plantar fascitis,  and lots of pain. Despite wearing very supportive shoes foot pain was a way of life, especially when I was active. Why do a majority of  people have foot problems?

Think about it- if we take 5,000 steps a day, at a force of 1-2 times body-weight- it means we put millions of pounds of force on our feet each year! Over time small problems and imbalances are magnified until our feet cry uncle and start to ask for help- in the way of pain. The pain is your bodys’ way of asking for help.  Ignore these signals and the problem will get worse- eventually disrupting your normal movement patterns resulting in ankle, knee and hip problems!

Luckily you can fix your foot problems. Like anything worthwhile it takes commitment and effort  but it’s worth it! A good place to start is an article I came across by Ron Jones. It covers every thing from trusting your body to choosing the proper footwear to self massage techniques.

I have been working to “fix” my feet for about 5 years. My strategies have included going barefoot more, transitioning to more minimal shoes, self massage, and loving my feet rather than cursing them! My feet feel better every day and the effect on my overall health and movement patterns has been profound!

Try it you’ll like it! Dr Matt

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  1. great topic! Jeff has terrible foot problems. I’ll forward this to him.

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