TGIM 9/14/2015

“To change something- you have to change something!”

It seems like all things are changing at an every increasing pace. Technology, the climate, the economy, education- I find it hard to keep up with it and sometimes feel overwhelmed. When I get an uneasy feeling about the external world I find it useful to focus on what I can control- my internal world. This includes what I think, what I eat, and how I move. If I get better at these 3 aspects of my life I am more flexible, allowing me to adapt to the external changes more readily.

I recently read an article about the rapid increase in obesity– a very disturbing trend, especially among children. The article attributes this increase to an increased consumption of processed foods and a decrease in exercise. If you know someone struggling with weight issues I would recommend a whole food program, and a whole body, gentle workout system. “To change something, you have to change something!”.

Please take the time to reflect on your life- your health, relationships, your happiness. If there are areas of concern it is up to you to fix them- not your Chiropractor, family member, or the medical system. Of course you may need some guidance but ultimately it comes from inside! Good luck on your journey!

Expect Health, Dr. Matt

PS- The rugby world cup is upon us! There will be increased coverage. If you are inclined please try to watch some- it’s a fantastic game!

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  1. I heard on the radio this weekend that half of all American adults are diabetic today. I’m not sure that’s correct–is it even possible?

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