TGIM 11/16/2015

Over the years I have done numerous experiments with the hopes of increasing my wellness quotient. Diets, fasts, different workouts, meditation, yoga- I try not to reject or endorse anything without trying it first. Because we are all like snowflakes, IE totally unique physically, mentally and emotionally, it is important to experience different approaches for ourselves- not blindly follow someone elses’ recommendations. ¬†Of course we can turn to others for direction and ideas but we must think for ourselves.

During the last week (#3) of my current 12 week program some things became evident to me:

-It’s mostly mental. Challenging yourself takes will power and persistence

-The body has an amazing power to heal and be healthy. After just a short period of eating better, exercising better, and thinking better you can feel the positive changes.

-It’s easier with support. Doing it with a group, either in person or on line, can help you be successful.

-It’s worth it. Committing to becoming better at taking care of yourself, no matter the outcome, is powerful. You feel in control of yourself and your ability to handle daily life.

Because there are so many ideas and programs available it can be confusing. I would suggest asking other people what has worked for them, “googling” it, or consulting with a health professional. Take the suggestions and choose the one that “feels right” for you at this moment. Remember there is no right or wrong way- you have to find YOUR way. One of the programs that worked well for Mary and I last January was The whole 30. It may be a good place to start ! Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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