TGIM 02/08/2016

In my last post I revealed that I was embarking on The Amazing 12 body transformation program. My training partner Wendy had received her certification and we did a beta test before she started accepting clients.

I often write about LCE’s (Life changing experiences) and was expecting a huge learning experience. The 12 weeks were intense, exhilarating and exhausting at the same time, and in retrospect more trans-formative then my expectations. The amazing 12 program taught me some important life lessons:

-It’s good to put yourself first! While I believe that giving is one of the keys to a self-actualized life we often forget to “give” to ourselves. Focusing on myself- the workouts, the food preparation, the recovery, it was all consuming and empowering.

-The more we simplify our lives the more smoothly things become- my commitment during the 12 weeks required simplification- in terms of social engagements, food procurement and preparation, and life in general.

-Achieving a goal  requires hard work and persistence but the reward is far reaching.

While  the physical results I attained during the 12 weeks were expected (I got stronger,  lost weight, became more flexible, and had to buy new clothes!) the unexpected changes have proven to be more powerful. I feel stronger mentally, more confident in my ability to handle what life brings to my plate, and more certain of the power inside me that enables me to give to and help others!

Please, please, please put yourself, and the maintenance of your magnificent body at the forefront of your life- no one else can do it!

Expect health, Dr Matt


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