TGIM 3/14/2016

Twenty one years ago today my daughter Liza came into this world, forever changing me. She has brought Mary and I joy, happiness, challenges, and a host of other emotions. She has made me a better person and taught me many life lessons.

As I sit writing this she is in Spain, continuing to grow, experience life,  and develop into the person she is deep inside. Despite the distance I feel a close, strong connection.  I send her my love and strength to do her best.

At the same time I (and many of my friends) are in a transition phase of our lives- empty nest, having bodies that continue to mature, the rapidly changing world we live in. It’s hard to focus on what’s next for us.

I am attempting to asercertain who I really want to be! Funny, after 50 plus years I am grappling with this basic question but sometimes we are so busy with “life” that we don’t take the time to look inside and ask ourselves “who are you”. Please take some time for introspection and listen to your inner voice for guidance. The more we become ourselves the more we can help one another!

“It’s the only life we have!!!”

Expect Health and Happiness, Dr Matt


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  1. We’re all in this journey together. There’s a wonderful new life ahead!

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