Monthly Archives: April, 2016

TGIM 4/25/2016 – Spain

Spain As my trip to Spain is fading to a pleasant memory I am trying to distill my experience to make some changes in my daily life to be a ┬ástronger version of myself. Rather than monumental breakthroughs, my immersion into another culture provided confirmation of things I have been thinking about for a while. …

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Mary and I are off (with my sister in law Katie) this week to visit Liza who is “studying” in Espana. Because of our hectic Fairfield county lives there has not been an abundance of planning or contemplating our upcoming adventure. Despite this I am anticipating a life changing experience full of new sights, smells, …

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TGIM 4/4/2016

“The body heals with play, the mind heals with laughter, and the spirit heals with joy”. Sometimes I feel like I am going through a second adolesence. One phase of life is winding down (parenting) and another emerging (what is the purpose of my remaining years on earth?). It can be very confusing to have …

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