Monthly Archives: May, 2016

TGIM 5/16/2016

Most people are aware that we have a serious drug problem in America. In all areas of the country overdose deaths are on the rise- from not only heroin but also opioids. A bigger problem, in terms of lives affected and cost, are the sheer numbers of people taking perscriptions on a daily basis. The …

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TGIM 05/09/2016

12 week body transformation vs 12 year! I read an interesting article following up on the reality show contestants from the biggest loser. After dramatic weight loss, over months and years most people put on most if not all of the weight they lost. In the article  it was revealed that a major factor was …

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TGIM 05/02/2016

Like many people, helping family members navigate the aging process is becoming more important, and more difficult. It adds another layer onto an already hectic schedule. This weekend Mary and I went to Philadelphia to help my mother. Until recently she was extremely healthy- lucid, active and totally independent.  Of course there were signs that …

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