Monthly Archives: June, 2016

TGIM 6/27/2016

A few weeks ago I had a limb come down in the high winds. As often happens I learned some life lessons from a “negative” event. In no particular order they include; Gratitude-  While this event was inconvienent it could have been dramatically worse. No one was hurt, there was minimal damage to my house, …

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TGIM 6/6/2016

“Your inner being is loving and optimistic. When you align with it you feel good. When you don’t…. well, not so much” Jim Hovey These words from one of my Chiropractic mentors struck a chord with me. Of course Chiropractic is focused on proper alignment of the spine to optimize health- but it goes much …

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TGIM 6/2/2016

Like most people I have had my share of doubts, fears, and not so optimal experiences in my life. Why don’t we talk about these emotions rather than attempting to pretend everything is great?  Is it socialital pressure to act a certain way? Being afraid of how those around us will react? Fear of giving …

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