TGIM 6/2/2016

Like most people I have had my share of doubts, fears, and not so optimal experiences in my life. Why don’t we talk about these emotions rather than attempting to pretend everything is great?  Is it socialital pressure to act a certain way? Being afraid of how those around us will react? Fear of giving these emotions more power by expressing them? All of the above?

I believe that by getting negative emotions out in the open we can actually diminish their power. Keeping them to ourself tends to magnify them, “outing” them puts them on the same page as thoughts we easily express like joy, happiness, and love. I was struck by this while reading my daughter Lizas’ blog  on the subject. Her thoughts on this subject helped me a great deal.

The other point she made was that action is critical. Being inactive lets negative thoughts grow and multiply- action makes us feel better- mentally, physically and emotionally!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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