TGIM 09/26/2016

“Self experimentation is the most efficient path to self improvement”

I find it difficult to understand how people blindly put their trust in others (doctors, food companies, chiropractors, etc.) to protect their most valuable asset – themselves! If history is any indication we are all lab rats! A few examples of medical and nutritional “truths” that harmed and continue to harm countless people;

-The sugar industry promoting a low fat/ high sugar diet as healthy. You can read about this scam here.

-The great cholestrol myth.

-That GMO’s are no different from natural foods!

These are but a few examples of how the pharmaceutical indrustry, agri-business, and the regulatory agencies that are supposed to protect us have put profits over health. What happened to “first do no harm”? How do we protect ourselves from the system?

Firstly we need to realize the we are responsible for our health. That means we need to experiement with different approaches, assess how our bodies react, and choose the right path for ourselves! If a medication or food causes a negative response should we keep taking it because someone told us to? If we are constantly hurting from our exercise routine should we keep at it because your trainer told you to?

Today is the day to start- start experimenting, start assessing, and start making changes that feel right to you!!!

Expect health, Dr Matt


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