Monthly Archives: October, 2016

TGIM 10/24/2016

“The only thing constant is change” “The more things change the more they stay the same” Everything in our lives is in a constant state of change. Our bodies are breaking down and regenerating. Our thought patterns, like waves, are undulating. Nature is constantly going through it’s cycles. Life is changing so constantly that it …

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TGIM 10/17/2016

One of the challenges of finding the key to unlock your concern- to solve your physical, emotional, or mental issue is that there are so many places to look. Go to a hundred sources and you will get 100 different possible solutions. How can one possibly find the right one? I find that simplifying my …

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TGIM 10/3/2016 The key to Health

I often say to patients “Think of your health concerns as a lock. There is a key that can unlock it and lead to better health. It’s your job to find the key” If you are not happy with your expression of health maybe you are using the wrong key. Maybe your eating plan is …

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