Monthly Archives: January, 2017

TGIM 01/23/2017

My wife Mary and daughter Liza, along with millions, participated in the womens’ march last weekend. It was awesome to witness (second hand) the energy, love, and power that this event generated. It made me think of my mom Elisabeth who was a tireless worker for peace and justice. She paricipated in hundreds of demonstations, …

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TGIM 1/9/2017

As a health practioner I am exposed to mountains of information about what helps keep us healthy, what is detrimental to our health, and strategies to maintain health. It’s difficult to sift through especially since scientific health “truths” are constantly changing. As I get more mature it is apparent to me that the mind-body connection …

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TGI 2017

I’ve heard many people express that they are glad to see 2016 over and expect 2017 to be better. When asked about the hardships or negative aspects of the past year many are things out of our personal control. The economy, the election, the random acts of violence all over the world. Of course we …

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