What to Expect

Patient Forms
On your first visit to Post Road Chiropractic Health our staff members Lorrie or Paula will welcome you. We will request that you complete our New Patient Forms. This paperwork provides us with your health history and information about your overall health profile and habits.

Next, Dr. Matt Leonard will meet with you to discuss your health concerns and most importantly your health goals.  He will discuss in detail your health history and lifestyle practices that are impacting your health like nutrition, sleep habits, and exercise. The consultation is designed to help determine how Chiropractic care can help meet your goals and needs. This consultation is designed to determine how Chiropractic can help meet your goals and needs.

Following your consultation, you will receive a complete Chiropractic evaluation including a postural assessment, range of motion studies, and a complete spinal evaluation among other tests if necessary. This exam helps determine the extent of your problem and allows Dr. Matt to determine if your case can be accepted, meaning you have a good chance of finding help through Chiropractic.

Many patients receive a gentle Chiropractic adjustment on their first visit to help begin the healing process. Other patients may require further testing such as X-Rays or an MRI.

You will be given ample time on your first visit to get all your questions answered. This includes health questions, scheduling, and insurance coverage.

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