What would Ralphie do? 5/19/2020

During this time of heightened emotions and information wars it’s easy to get “seriousness” fatigue.  It’s important to focus more on what’s actually happening right now than what may happen in the future. Who is better at being present than a puppy! Ever optimistic and enthusiastic they are great role models. I love this quote;

Why my infatuation with dogs? Because Mary and I recently adopted Ralphie (a female named after my father-in-law who loved dogs), a mutt from Mississippi who instantly changed our lives and taught me many lessons. It is impossible not to be changed by unconditional love given so freely.

The most interesting change I’ve noticed in myself is that I have become more patient and accepting of things not going the way I see them in my mind’s eye.  Ralphie’s actions dictate a lot of what we do. Walks, tummy rubs, naps- all at a leisurely pace that allows for more contemplation and appreciation of what’s right in front of me. It reminds me that connections, not material things or accomplishing more, are fundamental to a meaningful life! During the pandemic, most of us are spending more time connecting virtually on Zoom, facetime or on the phone. For me , those avenues just don’t cut it. Ralphie is all about connection- he won’t let us out of sight!

I am going to try and approach life with the mantra “What would Ralphie do? So far I’m going to try and;

-Treat every person I meet with excitement and love every time.

-Treat every meal as though it is the best food in the world!

-Examine and appreciate all things around me.

-Exercise every day but make sure to get lots of rest and recovery!

Please let me know any lessons you’ve learned from your pets! We can get through this together!

In Health, Dr Matt (and Ralphie)

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  1. MJ

    Ralphie is adorable! ❤️

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