I woke up every morning in pain, for months. After just a few visits to Dr. Matt, I felt like a new person! Even after moving over an hour away from his office, I still travel to have him adjust me. Dr. Matt is the kindest and most caring Chiropractor around!
Lisa Olson

Chiropractic care has improved my life in several ways. I began to develop neck and shoulder pain about six to eight months ago. Overtime, this pain became so severe that I was suffering from debilitating headaches daily. I was seen by my dentist, and by an ENT, and still found no solution or relief. I was referred to Dr. Leonard by my father, and after only a couple of visits I saw and felt immensely better. I am so grateful to have discovered chiropractic care, as it has enhanced my respect for my own body, and for the healing that our bodies are capable of.
Claire O’Neill

Chiropractic has helped me so much. I have been coming for see Dr. Matt for ten years now. First, it was pains in my neck and then as I got older, my back starting acting up. As I turned 40, I developed sciatica nerve issues. Ahh!!! The benefits of getting older. I have to honestly say that getting adjustment once a week has improved my body and I feel better every day. There’s one extra bonus to coming to see Dr. Matt, less sinus pressure. If you suffer from allergies in the Spring like I do, getting adjustments really helps.
Cari Kapitancek

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