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Words Matter 03/18/2020 Coronavirus

Where to begin? Our world seems to be changing at a rapid and accelerating pace as the Coronavirus affects all aspects of our lives. The sheer amount of information we are exposed to, and the different viewpoints of what this information means, makes it extremely difficult to feel comfortable with our own thoughts about this pandemic. This unknown, or not knowing, is causing massive amounts of anxiety and fear in many people.

During this trying time it’s important to concentrate on the things we can control ourselves- our thoughts, our actions, and our words. Here are a few strategies to try;

Be careful with your words- both spoken to others and to yourself. Be compassionate, positive, and supportive. One example is the term social distancing. Since I first heard the term it struck me the wrong way. Our society needs more connections, not isolation. A better way to express this important concept for “flattening the curve” is Healthy or Compassionate spacing. Please watch the attached video clip for a more in depth talk on this.

Commit to moving your body every day. Exercise is a great stress reliever and immune booster, especially if you have the opportunity to do it outside in the fresh air and hopefully sunshine. It’s something we have control of. Call me on my cell or call the office if you want some ideas to get started or keep motivated. Here is a 10 minute self care video that easy and actually fun to do.

Quiet the mind and practice breathing techniques or meditation. They can help quiet the mind, bring you into the present moment, and help you realize that it will all be fine in the end. I have benefited greatly from Pranayama or yogic controlled breathing. Please check out this short video. Even taking 3-5 deep breaths every time you feel stressed out can help!

May the peace in your heart become the peace in your thoughts, may the peace in your thoughts become the peace in your actions, may the peace in your actions become the peace in the world!

In Chiropractic, Dr Matt


  1. MJ

    So important to stay focused on family and health right now! Thank you Dr. Matt!

  2. Andy Leonard

    Thanks, Matt- that’s the new best thing I’ve read about the corona virus, and the breathing video was great-

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