TGIM 09/21/2015

Rugby has been, and continues to be, one of the great passions in my life. I met my wife Mary through rugby, became a Chiropractor because of it, and continue to play and coach on a regular basis. It is the ultimate team game, physically challenging, and has a place for all body types. It is a players’ game that teaches mental, physical and emotional toughness. And it’s a blast to play and watch!

Last Saturday, during the first round of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, history was made. Japan, a second tier team, beat the mighty South African Springboks (remember Invictus when Nelson Mandels pulls the blacks and whites together as teammates?). It was one of the greatest upsets of all time. The best part was that at the last minute Japan opted to go for the win rather than take a kick for the sure tie. They took a risk and made good on it- you miss every shot you don’t take!

Sporting events remind us that anything can happen, and that with hard work, dedication, and teamwork, anything is possible.

Get in the game of life! Dr Matt

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