TGIM 4/25/2016 – Spain


As my trip to Spain is fading to a pleasant memory I am trying to distill my experience to make some changes in my daily life to be a  stronger version of myself. Rather than monumental breakthroughs, my immersion into another culture provided confirmation of things I have been thinking about for a while.

-Relationships are more central to health and happiness than any material goods. Spending time with others allows for us to support and help each other- the more time we spend together, the more we know others’ strengths and challenges, and the more we can provide and ask for help.

-The more simply we live the more time we have for each other. Needing less means we can work less, worry less, and spend more time with each other!

– Consuming less is good for the world. In Spain there was less packaging, less (or none) take out, and less stuff. The products I did see were simple, well made, and energy-efficient. Yes, they tended to be smaller and less flashy than what we are used to but it felt good to have a smaller footprint in daily life.

I have resolved to spend more quality time with the people in my life- and less with my stuff. Try it for thirty days and see what happens!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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