Mary and I are off (with my sister in law Katie) this week to visit Liza who is “studying” in Espana. Because of our hectic Fairfield county lives there has not been an abundance of planning or contemplating our upcoming adventure. Despite this I am anticipating a life changing experience full of new sights, smells, foods, people, and a new perspective on life!

Many people have expressed fearful thoughts about visiting Europe at this time. “They don’t like Americans”. “People slash your tires, pretend to help you, and then rob you”. “What about terrorism”.

Rather than let these negative thoughts into my conciousness I am relying on my faith- my faith that if I do my best it will be enough. Treat people with respect, be open to everything, and be awake. I came across this excellent post about doership . This karma yoga principle talks about “doing” without being attached to the outcome. Many times we go into situations expecting certain results and are disappointed.

Instead I will attempt to be my best, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride! All good thoughts gratefully accepted!

In Health and adventure! Dr Matt

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  1. Howard S Raabe, Jr

    Enjoy your trip. We cannot live in fear. We can be cautious and careful, though. Some of the most beautiful parts of a city are down those narrow streets and dark alleys that open up to friendly squares.

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