TGIM 05/09/2016

12 week body transformation vs 12 year!

I read an interesting article following up on the reality show contestants from the biggest loser. After dramatic weight loss, over months and years most people put on most if not all of the weight they lost. In the article  it was revealed that a major factor was that the severe weight loss had PERMANETLY reduced the resting metabolism (how many calories your body burns ar rest).  It was as if the body was fighting against weight loss. As Dr Hall, an expert on metabolism said “It is both frightening and amazing”.

This is one reason I warn people about super intense workout programs, diets, or other dramatic attempts to undo a lifetime of bad habits.  It is better to make changes that you can maintain for a long period of time. There will be less risk of side effects and more chance of lifetime success.

Rather than week to week, think about your health in 5 to 10 year segments. How is what you are doing going to affect me in 10 years? Am I trending up (towards optimal function) or down? The habits you have now will determine your health in the future!

If you look ahead and don’t like what you envision it’s time to make some changes. Start small, self assess how your body responds, and keep going. The key to long term change is consistency and progression not fad diets, workouts, or potions.

Rather than a 12 week challenge take a 12 year challenge!

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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