TGIM 5/16/2016

Most people are aware that we have a serious drug problem in America. In all areas of the country overdose deaths are on the rise- from not only heroin but also opioids. A bigger problem, in terms of lives affected and cost, are the sheer numbers of people taking perscriptions on a daily basis.

The numbers are staggering- for example 76 percent of people 60 years old and above  are taking two or more drugs daily. Because my mother is in that group I did a little research. How many studies are done on drug interactions? The scary answer is ZERO. Massive efforts are undertaken to get new drugs to market and into people but no follow up is done. Please check out this Ted Talk that discusses this.

All medications have side effects and should be used as a last resort when life style changes are ineffective. Please, please, please be careful when taking any medication.

Expect Health, Dr Matt

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