We are all in this together!

“When you live on a round planet, there’s no choosing sides!”. Wayne Dyer

It’s apparent to me that one of the main factors causing problems in our world is partisanship, or predjuice in favor of a particular cause, or bias.

Politics, protests, professional sports, childrens sports, religions- it seems as if every facet of our society drives us apart.  My viewpoint is better than yours- my religion is better than yours- the way I look is better than the way you look- is it any wonder that our world is becoming more seperated by the moment?

We should be looking for similarities rather than differences in each other. We don’t need to agree but we need to have mutual respect for each other. Because no issue or answer is clear cut  it’s important to analyze all views on a particular subject.

I saw this important concept professed on a tee shirt; “I’m a Unitarian Universalist (which I am), the bedrock of my faith is an unshakable belief that YOUR guess is as good as MINE!

Let’s work together to find solutions to our problems, no create more by being devisive as our default!

Expect Health, Dr Matt


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