TGIM 6/27/2016

A few weeks ago I had a limb come down in the high winds. As often happens I learned some life lessons from a “negative” event. In no particular order they include;

Gratitude-  While this event was inconvienent it could have been dramatically worse. No one was hurt, there was minimal damage to my house, and the power was only out for 24 hours!

More gratitude- Many people helped us after the accident. Everyone from my tree guy, my electrician, and my roof guy to friends who helped me split and move wood and gave advice. It’s times of need that causes us to ask for help. I’m thankful there are so many “helpers” out there.

Anger- This event made me realize how Insurance companies are not very concerned about you and me. After paying premiums for years my insurance agent informed me that it was not worth putting a claim in- for the amount I would have gotten from them it was not worth having a claim on record- how does that work? (of course I deal with insurance companies in the office- do they have the patients best interest in mind?).

Wonder- It made me stop and think about the awesomeness of the natural world- the tree was 100 plus years old and was magnificent. All the years I have lived there and I did not appreciate it until it came down! I’ll try to pay more attention in the future.

Life is about making the best of every event- planned or unplanned- and learning from it. I have a lot to learn still!

In Health, Dr Matt




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