TGIM 09/12/2016

It’s been an interesting few months that have taken me off my blogging routine. You know- elderly parents, sick and unhappy friends, daily activities (when did life get so busy?), working on some “creaky’ body parts- it all adds up. Put the current political situation, climate change, senseless violence and other societal concerns on top of personal issues and you have quite a turbulent time.

During uncomfortable times I try to look for the good in every situation and person- there is a lot of good left in our world!

While on the train to Philadelphia to visit my mom a bedraggled, smelly man entered the car asking for money for a train ticket. As I was getting my wallet out a woman across from me handed him some money, then I did, and then another woman. When the grateful man left one of the woman related how her daughter had got on a train recently without her wallet (pilfered by her two year old just before she got out of the car). Strangers helped her and now the mom is in the habit of helping anyone who asks!

It re-emphasized to me that helping each other is the easiest way to put good into the Universe and that the more we do it the better we feel and the better the world is. It’s the little gestures that can turn our society around. Keep an eye out for any opportunity to give to others- they are all around!

Expect Health, Dr Matt


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