TGIM 09/18/2016

High intensity interval training (HIIT) changed my life! Despite exercising regularly for most of my life my physical capacities were diminishing. Out of the blue I starting training with Russian kettlebells and a partner who found them at the same time. With time HIIT helped promote signifigant positive changes- mentally, physically, and emotionally. I love HIIT because;

-It cut my workout time in half- want to do more in less time?

– Despite working less I got stronger because my body recovered more completely.

-My body demanded better fuel and my digestive system ran more efficiently.

-Feeling my body get stronger and more flexible made my mind stronger.

Please check out this video about how ¬†one gym is rebuilding broken men and women who have physical disabilities. It’s awesome and may be the motivation you need to start exercising! Remember if you don’t like where your health is going you need to change something! or a lot of things! I did and it has made all the difference.

Expect health, Dr Matt

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