TGIM 01/23/2017

My wife Mary and daughter Liza, along with millions, participated in the womens’ march last weekend. It was awesome to witness (second hand) the energy, love, and power that this event generated.

It made me think of my mom Elisabeth who was a tireless worker for peace and justice. She paricipated in hundreds of demonstations, was put into jail, and never gave up her vision for a more equal world. Besides demonstrating, letter writing, and contacting her legislators, she lived a life consistent with her values. She lived a simple life (under the poverty level to avoid paying “war” taxes) to focus on her passion. When she passed she was giving monthly donations to 65 different groups that supported her vision, was active in many groups, and tried to build community where she could.

I am hopeful that the march this past weekend is the spark that inspires Americans to become more active in the quest for economic, racial, and gender equality. It will require work, money, and hardship- but the goal is worth it. The world is changing rapidly and we must participate or stop complaining. This concept is stated much more eloquently in this article  from the guardian.

Expect peace and positive change, Dr Matt

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  1. Catherine Longo

    Dr. Matt,
    That is wonderful that your wife and daughter participated in such an amazing event. I have many friends who attended and the solidarity is exactly what this country needs right now. Gives us all hope in a bleak time.
    You made some great points and thanks again for your perspective.
    All the best,

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