TGIM 1/9/2017

As a health practioner I am exposed to mountains of information about what helps keep us healthy, what is detrimental to our health, and strategies to maintain health. It’s difficult to sift through especially since scientific health “truths” are constantly changing.

As I get more mature it is apparent to me that the mind-body connection is more important all the time. Our thought patterns, our relationships (especially our relationship with ourself), our social interactions- all have a major influence on our overall wellness. Of course nutrition, exercise, are important but emotional health is just as important.

This article on loneliness  really resonated with me- researchers found that social isolation was as detrimental to your health as smoking! It was related to many health problems in the elderly.

Unfortunately I believe that social isolation will become more common and happen at an earlier age due to “screens”. Increasingly people of all ages are spending more time in front of screens which may seem like a connection to others but really is a tool for isolation.

Connecting with others is crucial for our wellbeing- from casual encounters in the store to daily relationships with family and friends. It’s all better without a screen in the way!

Expect Health, Dr Matt


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  1. Catherine Longo

    Great article Dr. Matt

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