TGIM 02/13/2017

Don’t become paralysed! Paralysed with fear of what’s going on in Washington, with fear of the “disease” of the day, with fear of what others think of you, with fear of that ache or pain you’re feeling.

Our bodies (and minds) need movement to be well.  Natural, flowing movement. Paralysis is the opposite of movement and you will never be healthy with out movement (sitting is the new smoking!). If you are stuck you need to take action now!  Here are some steps to make yourself great again ;).

Put yourself first. Make the time to work on yourself- physically, mentally and emotionally. Experiment with a new eating style, workout plan, or take up a new hobby. Assess how it affects you overall health. Jettison things that aren’t working and focus on the things that help you become more vibrant.

Build bridges, not walls. Don’t hide behind your screen worrying. Connect with others- friends you don’t see enough, neighbors, strangers (friends you haven’t met yet!).

Unplug your devices occasionally and plug into the abundant energy of nature. Get outside and immerse your senses in the wonder that is our planet.

Do not give too much mental power to  the reality TV show that is the  current state of events. Read positive books, be around positive people, think positive thoughts. You become what you thonk about!!!

Expect vibrant health, Dr Matt



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