TGIM 8/28/2017

While not a huge boxing or MMA fan I am very interested in human performance and  have followed Conor Mcgregors training for some time. In particular I am interested in his focus on movement protocols and his work with Ido Portal. Conor has often stressed how important freedom of movement has been to his success. He says “Movement is medicine to me”.

I couldn’t agree more. With age I found myself unable to do basic movement patterns that were once natural and easy. This lead to decreased energy, more aches and pains, and more negative thoughts. By adding stretching, mobility work, and just moving more to my training I began to feel and function better almost immediately.  Looking at my practice I realized that “malnutrition” of movement is a major factor in declining health.

If you are experiencing pain during activities of daily living, tightness, or lack of energy a simple movement regimen may be what you need. Please start moving more and contact me if you want more information about the exciting programs I have been experimenting with!

In Health, Dr Matt

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