November 1, 2017

I am excited to begin my blog again- this time I have the help of Karl and Terry- two friends of my sons who are all grown up (when did that happen?) and now work in video production and social media marketing. You will begin to see videos and posts regularly. Please help by reviewing them, commenting, and sharing. Then let me know what you think and what topics you are interested in.

As always I am searching for tools with which to enhance my own wellness and help my practice members attain and maintain better health. In the time since my last post I have been experimenting with many things- TRE (trauma release exercises), John Barnes myofascial unwinding, Egoscue exercises, The Plant Paradox eating plan, the Nitric Oxide Dump workout, Tumeric, Kombucha, and meditation to name a few. I look forward to sharing my thoughts!

In Health, Chiro Dr Matt

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