11/6/2017 Silver bullet vs shotgun

Symptoms our bodies relay to us and injuries are opportunities to practice and learn about self care. Most of us get better at a profession, sport, or hobby with experience – it’s the same with taking care of ourselves. Unfortunately our health care system is reliant on the silver bullet approach- that one drug, supplement, or exercise which will magically heal us. More effective for lasting health and wellness is a “shotgun” approach- experimenting with a variety of  approaches and evaluating which ones work best for ourselves.

Over the last 12-18 months I have been dealing with a serious knee issue- the result of decades of abuse and injuries. While almost everything I tried helped the healing process there was not one modality that “fixed” me. Besides regular Chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, and self soft tissue work I tried multiple approaches. Massage, yoga, breathing techniques, EFT tapping, Trauma Release Exercises, The plant Paradox diet , were among the things I tried. I kept the things that worked best for me, and constantly experimented.

Healing your body comes down to three things- what you think, what you put in your mouth, and how you move. If you are not happy with your current state of health- experiment with those three things, assess, and keep trying! Get advice from others but most importantly listen to your inner voice!

Expect health, Dr Matt


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