Last night I watched my only NFL game of the year and at that only made it until just after half time. So I am not an expert but a few things struck me. I grew up a sports fan during the time that the team transcended the individual player and that seems to not be the case today.

The NFL is superstar driven. Much more attention is given to individual players, and plays than the game as a whole. The huge contracts that special players receive, and endorsement money, creates a me too environment- in other words I want my money too!

The other part of the superbowl that made me cringe was the half time show. Now I admit I am older, and not so up on popular culture, but a beautiful woman pole dancing? The suggestive moves and outfits made me feel for victims of the me too movement and for women in general. Here was the biggest media spectacle of all and it was perpetrating the ideal of women as objects! How many young boys and girls were getting this message!

I will say that I am not a big media consumer but I was surprised at how the game seemed to be minimized by the surrounding sizzle. I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse.

In Health, Dr Matt

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